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Chateau A Vins

Our Wines

The wines we offer are made from a diversity of cépages (varietal) which played an important role in our selection.  We want to introduce truly unique but yet familiar flavored wines which define each note of the South of France and are true to the Vin de Pays d'OC.

In the Vin de Pays d'OC you can discover over 58 varieties of cépages, located between the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrènes mountains to the Camargue the Pays d'Oc wines radiate over a vast sunny territory, in the heart of the largest vineyard in France. 

Spread over 297,000 acres the vineyard is divided into three zones of influence: the coastal plains, the first hillsides, and finally the vineyards of altitude. 

The grape is at the heart of the personality of the wine. The particularity of these wines is to offer a range of wines with very broad organoleptic profiles, thanks to a range of 58 varieties. Their aromas are expressed either alone or assembled. These varieties offer a thousands of possibilities.

Shades of Rose Wine

Rosé - Pinot Gris

Featured Wine - March

A noble variety with it's elegant pink blush color, the Pinot Gris has an exceptional power,  which is distinguished by its softness. 

Château A Vins a little bit of Home in your Home


2013 was an important year for us not only because we got married in my childhood home in the South of France but also because we decided we would import wines from that region into America so that we can share these great wines with you. Our family and friends enjoyed the wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region so much during the wedding festivities, and still do to this day; we decided it was time to share these wonderful wines with all of you. Our goal is to import delicious high-quality wines from the region to your palate. We truly hope that you will enjoy them as much as our friends and family do. We can't wait for you too to discover the wines Chateau A Vins imports. 

It may be cliché, but our core belief is that if you conduct your life with honesty, integrity, and reliability and are willing to work hard you will be successful in achieving any goal you set for yourself. Honesty, integrity, and reliability are paramount to our relationship with our customers; if they do not trust us we will not be successful.

Wines from Hahn McSherry
Languedoc Wines Chateau A Vin

Anaïs McSherry was born in Germany to a German father and a French/Italian mother.  Anaïs moved to the South of France at the age of nine. Having a wine connoisseur mother and growing up in France where there were vineyards literally in her back yard, the majority of her formative years were exposed to the wine culture. Her brother is a sommelier at the age of only 25 if you any specific questions about really unique wines she has many resources that are easily at her disposal. Anaïs worked for a few years at a winery while studying business in France. She earned her BA in Marketing in England, her MA in Marketing in Germany, and finally her MBA in the United States. Throughout all her studies her true passion has always been the wine industry.

Matt McSherry was born in the United States and moved throughout the southeastern United States with his family. His mother introduced him to wine by sharing her interest in winemakers from around the world. Residing in Charlottesville, Virginia, a growing area in the domestic wine industry, during his high school and college years helped fuel his interest. Matt received his degree in Economics in Virginia and his MBA in South Carolina. Matt is developing an aptitude for picking out new and exciting wines and is studying to become a sommelier.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discover some of these unique products that we are providing. We promise you will not be disappointed!

One last important note; we would like to thank our friends and families for their love and support in making this new adventure possible and thank them for joining us!


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