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Le Capiteux

A Syrah and Petit Verdot blend aged in Oak. This well balanced perfect pair will bring joy to your palate.

1st Vintage: 2007

Varietal Range: Syrah & Petit Verdot

Color: Medium Purple

Soil Types: South-facing clay-limestone and limestone

Vinification: A blend of wines aged traditionally in tanks and in French oak casks

Tasting Notes: Brilliant ruby. Notes of black cherries and red fruits in brandy. Gingerbread aromas with soft tannins

Serving Temperature: 16-18°C / 60-64°F

Storage: Drink within five to six years

This blend is great if you consider eating rich cuts of red meat or well-aged cheese. Barbecue, beef stew, roasted rack of lamb and game birds all stand up well to the rich appeal of the Malbec - Petit Verdot blend due to its tannins.

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